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Giving Joy

Engage your congregation in Joy Over time, we have noticed a trend here in Special Offerings: many of the stories we receive from congregations show how their young people have engaged in the life of the church through the Presbyterian Giving Catalog. The symbolic representation of PC(USA) ministries in the Giving Catalog have excited people… Read more »

The small church with a big heart

Guest post by Rev. John H.G. Curtiss Community Presbyterian Church is a small church with a big heart. Earlier in June, our church hosted a short week of Vacation Bible School. As part of the week, the children learned about the Presbyterian Giving Catalog – and got really excited about the idea of buying a… Read more »

Successful Spelunkers

Digging deep to sponsor a sand dam One of the most fun parts of hearing stories from your congregations’ summer programming is the wide range of themes we see. Today’s story is from Middle Creek Presbyterian Church in Winnebago, Illinois,  where their Vacation Bible Camp theme was Cave Quest! Director Kris Bomgarden writes, “The Middle Creek… Read more »

Connecting Through Giving

Flint Water Filter “Share” your blessings with others When’s the last time you connected with a friend through social media? Or text, or e-mail? When’s the last time you shared a status update, or a photo of a cat? Technology today allows us to stay connected to those we love more than ever before. We can scroll through… Read more »

Setting the table of peace

Come to the Table of Peace Every day, we are witnesses to conflict. We read news stories of violence and supposedly irreparable divides. Angry rhetoric fills our airwaves, inboxes, and social media feeds. We see conflict tear apart communities, families, even people we know. Surrounded by this strife, it’s easy to see the world through… Read more »

A Season of Peace

Jesus calls us to be peacemakers. We see this every day as we experience our world’s need for Christ’s reconciling love, peace, and justice. We feel this as we long to know God’s peace in our hearts and relationships. The promise of Jesus “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God”… Read more »

Peace & Global Witness Offering Goes to the Super Bowl!

Guest post by Chuck Rawlings Having “Super Bowl 50” in your community can be exciting for the sports fans, but for others it’s a red flag that human trafficking might increase right along with the arrival of crowds of fans. Human trafficking is one form of violence against women.  In 2013 Susan Brooksbank attended the U.N…. Read more »

Helping Teens Today Become Proud Adults Tomorrow

Pentecost Offering logo Grace Presbyterian Church in Crystal City, MO has a unique approach to using their portion of the Pentecost Offering. Rather than using their 40% retained from the Pentecost Offering to send their youth group to Triennium this year, as many congregations did, members from Grace Church have decided to support a local program assisting young… Read more »

Your Church. Your Mission.

The Presbyterian Giving Catalog supports Presbyterian ministries working to alleviate and address the root causes of poverty, oppression, injustice, and suffering in our own communities and around the world. We Need Your Help We’ve been paying attention. We know you aren’t just working quietly behind the scenes. We know you care deeply about the global issues… Read more »

Triennium Reflections

This year, I attended my first Presbyterian Youth Triennium – despite being a lifelong Presbyterian and working for the church during the last two of these tri-annual events. With my connection to the Special Offerings, I was so excited to be a part of this year’s event: the Pentecost Offering, which supports Triennium, is easily… Read more »