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International Peacemaker Inspires a Congregation

  International Peacemaker visit inspires congregation to help Syrian refugee family At Ivyland Presbyterian Church, the visits of international peacemakers have informed the minds of members, inspired their hearts, and moved the congregation to action on behalf of people in need. International peacemaker Rami Al Maqdasi, an Iraqi-born pastor, spoke at the suburban Philadelphia congregation… Read more »

Proclaim the Peace of Christ

Proclaim the Peace of Christ “So he came and proclaimed peace to you who were far off and peace to those who were near.” Ephesians 2:14-17 The letter to the Ephesians tells us that Jesus came to proclaim a peace that is universal. While the earthly ministry of Jesus was in a specific age and… Read more »

Focusing on the First Third of Life

Ministries supported by the Pentecost Offering reach people during this critical stage For years, researchers have highlighted the importance of early life experiences for brain and social development. In a similar way, many congregations realize how important Christian formation is during the first third of life, from childhood through young adulthood. Children, youth, and young… Read more »

Seeing faith through a different lens

Young Adult Volunteer program opens eyes to the church’s relevance in our world Sitting on a city bus in Washington, DC, with the plight of homeless people weighing heavily on him, Andy Thomas experienced a homecoming of faith. This Presbyterian Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) had attended a memorial service for the 41 homeless people who… Read more »

Extending the Spirit of Pentecost

Parkway Presbyterian Youth Congregation sees the Holy Spirit at work through the Pentecost Offering At Parkway Presbyterian Church in Corpus Christi, Texas, Pentecost Sunday worshipers are urged to seek a Spirit-filled common life that will permeate the congregation’s mission and ministries. “Pentecost is a big part of our church’s identity,” says Laura Neely, Parkway’s associate pastor. In Pentecost… Read more »

Creating Hope for Today and Tomorrow

Pentecost Offering helps teen mothers and their children flourish As a high school student, Lily Jones had a beautiful 18-month-old daughter and a strong desire to finish school. Lily knew the importance of education to her future and that of her daughter Sophia, but day care posed a problem. Lily’s family and Sophia’s father’s family… Read more »

A more promising future

“For the promise is for you, for your children, and for all who are far away…” (Acts 2:39) Promise. As a verb, it’s one of the earliest concepts we learn. To promise means to offer a firm commitment—not just “I will,” but “I DEFINITELY will.” It can also be a noun, expressing assurance or hope… Read more »

Pentecost Offering Resources

girl with candle, Pentecost image It is about time to start thinking about the Pentecost Offering! Each year on Pentecost Sunday, we celebrate the arrival of the Holy Spirit as a bringer of new life with an Offering intended to nurture the faith of those newest among us. The Pentecost Offering unites us in a churchwide effort to support young people in Christ… Read more »

“Is this not the fast I choose?”

One Great Hour of Sharing helps us answer God’s call   The Christian season of Lent is historically marked with fasting, a traditional practice of giving up food and devoting yourself to prayer. But this isn’t the only type of fasting the Bible talks about. Isaiah 58 describes a new kind of fast, not to… Read more »

Justice for all in God’s Creation

Caring for people means caring for the earth In Huancavelica, Peru, alpaca farmers worried about the parched pasture land surrounding this mountain town. Their families’ livelihood was at stake, and Jed Koball, a Presbyterian mission co-worker, thought an irrigation system funded by a US congregation could restore the grazing land to health. The farmers graciously… Read more »