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Peace & Global Witness Sixty Second Sermon Reflection

You’re Invited! We invite you to watch this short video and reflect on what you’ve seen by answering the questions below. Thank you to Rev. Ryan Landino, Lead Presbyter for Transformation at the Presbytery of Great Rivers, for creating this Sixty Second Sermon for the Peace & Global Witness Offering. Click here to watch the… Read more »

Celebrating the Peace & Global Witness Offering with Our Youth

Engaging the children of your congregation with the four General Assembly mandated churchwide Special Offerings has never been easier or more important. There are numerous ways children can connect with the Peace & Global Witness Offering. We have a number of resources available online to help you as you engage your young people. This year’s… Read more »

Peace & Global Witness: A Special Invitation

Christ invites Most of us don’t get any mail except for what? Bills and junk. But once in a while, now and then, a pretty envelope, perhaps hand-addressed and with something nice inside, is nestled among the coupons and ads and utility bills. An invitation. It’s something different, and it feels good. It feels good… Read more »

Come See Us at Big Tent!

Good morning, Baltimore! Big Tent 2019 kicks off next week in Baltimore, Maryland, and we are looking forward to spending time with hundreds of other Presbyterians as we come together to renew our minds and be transformed. The Special Offerings and Presbyterian Giving Catalog team will be in the exhibit space eager to speak with… Read more »

Ecumenical Youth Join Together to Make Big Impact

Coming Together Across Denominations Though they come from a small town, the seven young women who are part of the Rowley Youth Group won’t let this limit them from making a big impact in their community and around the world. The town of Rowley, Iowa, has a population of 266 people with the only two… Read more »

2019 Summer Commitment Giving Catalog

Summer is here! And this summer, as with those in the past couple years, the Presbyterian Giving Catalog is inviting you to make a life-changing difference for people in need with practical gifts of water and livestock. What makes this summer different from those before is that this year your gifts will be matched dollar-for-dollar… Read more »

Nurture Your Children’s Helpful Instincts

When children hear about people in need, they want to do something. The Jerry Can curriculum engages young worshippers in understanding the needs of others, especially in times of disaster, and showing what they can do to help. This curriculum centers on Jerry Can, a fun, energetic character that connects our response to disaster with… Read more »

Congregation Commits to Sending At-Risk Youth to Triennium

“Triennium for me personally is an opportunity to grow and get to know more about God’s will.” Eduardo and Kenia stood in front of the congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis in Bee Cave, Texas, expressing why they wish to attend Presbyterian Youth Triennium this summer. This congregation has decided to support these… Read more »

Pentecost: Helping Families Find a Home

Where did you first learn about God? Who pointed out the glimpses of God in everyday life? For many, it happened during the early years of life. It was in Sunday School classes where stories were shared of Jesus’ miracles and God’s love. It was at summer camp and youth conferences where God’s truth was… Read more »

Pentecost: School’s Out but Nobody’s Home

From five to four In the fall of 2016, the school board in Sterling, Colorado, was forced to make some drastic changes to meet its budget. The most significant change was reducing the school week from five days to four. When the decision was made, the unintended result left many children and youth without adequate… Read more »