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One Great Hour of Sharing Promotion Guide

Resources for mid council leaders and congregations You shall be called repairers of the breach. —Isaiah 58 Around the world, millions of people lack access to sustainable food sources, clean water, sanitation, education, and opportunity. Each gift to One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) helps to improve the lives of people in these challenging situations. The… Read more »

It’s time again for One Great Hour of Sharing

Isaiah’s Call for True Humility Centuries Ago Still Rings True Today When you read Isaiah 58, you start to wonder if anything ever changes. Even in the days of the prophet, Isaiah was called to challenge God’s people who knelt for the sake of the kneeling, not for the sake of honoring their God. Fasting… Read more »

One Great Hour of Sharing Resources

It is about time to start thinking about One Great Hour of Sharing! Through this longstanding, ecumenical effort, Presbyterians share God’s love by giving to ministries that provide relief to those affected by natural disasters, food for the hungry, and support towards the self-development of poor and oppressed communities. This offering is usually received on Palm… Read more »

Gifts make a difference for the giver and the recipient

Teresa Mader, our project manager for the Presbyterian Giving Catalog, recently received a wonderful letter from the clerk of session, Sandra Silkey, from United Presbyterian Church in Princeton, Indiana. The young children of her church had a wonderful time learning about the people helped by items in the Giving Catalog, and raising funds to donate…. Read more »


Guest Post by Elizabeth Belcher As One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) stories come in, we love to share the unique ideas from each congregation. Today’s post is provided by Elizabeth Belcher, Director of Children’s Ministries at Orchard Lake Community Church, Presbyterian. This year, when the kids did their OGHS fish boxes, we wanted something… Read more »

Helping Hands in Bedford, NH

“Smart and generous people developed Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Board of Pensions Assistance Program, and the PC(USA) Special Offerings. They made a tremendous difference in our presbytery, congregation, and in the lives of our employees. We are truly thankful,” said Rev. John Sawyer, co-pastor of Bedford Presbyterian Church in Bedford, NH. Rev. Sawyer expressed to… Read more »

A community of gifts, a multitude of benefits

We all have a gift to give. The contributions we make each day are as unique as we are: we may give our talents to accomplish something, give our time to help someone, or give our resources to further a cause. While our individual gifts have great value, so much more is gained when we… Read more »

Minute for Mission: Confronting the Structures of Injustice

Self-Development of People July 16, 1979 is a day the Navajo Nation in New Mexico will never forget. An earthen dam gave way, releasing 1,000 tons of radioactive mill waste and 90 million gallons of acidic and radioactive liquids into the Rio Puerco. The waste traveled downstream across nine Navajo chapters and the community of… Read more »

Minute for Mission: Faithful Presence

West Africa Initiative One local villager said, “The most significant thing is…the value and importance of working together. We have learned and benefited so much from each other.”  For nearly 18 months, life ground to a halt in Liberia. The Ebola virus not only ravaged the people, it robbed them of their ability to provide for their families…. Read more »

Minute for Mission: Rebuilding Lives from the Ground Up

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance “This is so much fun! I could swing here for the rest of my life,” screams six-year-old Roshan Karki, who can now use a swing for the first time in his life, thanks to his temporary new home in emergency housing—supported by Finn Church Aid, ACT Alliance, and PDA.  In early 2015, in a… Read more »