Make an Adi Game to Play with Jerry Can

Jerry Can has a number of fun activities he wants to share with children around the country to help them learn about the importance of caring for one another. Follow the below instructions to make your very own Adi game, remembering how important it is sow seeds, placing things of concern in God’s hands. And check out our Jerry Can Curriculum for additional lessons and activities!

Gather the following items:

  • Egg carton (that can hold 1 dozen eggs)
  • 48 dried beans, pebbles, small marbles, or buttons
  • Two 3-oz paper cups
  • Masking tape
  • Felt-tipped markers
  • Rubber band
  • Copy paper

Assemble the game:

  1. Make copies of the shape of the top panel of the egg carton on construction paper so the children can create a decorative panel for the game.
  2. Show the children how to carefully cut the lid off the egg carton and set it aside.
  3. On a flat surface, position a 3-oz cup at each end of the carton.
  4. Using masking tape, the children then affix the cups to each end of the carton. (The cup will hold the beans.)
  5. Have the children cut out a copy of the top panel of the egg carton from construction paper. Let them decorate this panel. Glue it onto the original egg carton top.
  6. Replace the top and secure with a rubber band.

Time to play:

  1. Tell the children that the two cups at each end are called “treasuries.” The treasuries are empty when the game starts. Players sit on opposite sides of the board. Four seeds are placed in every egg cup.
  2. The first player picks up four seeds from any cup on their side of the board. Moving counter-clockwise, they drop one seed in every cup starting immediately to the right of the cup from which the seeds were taken.
  3. If the last seed falls into a cup with seeds in it, the player picks up all the seeds in that cup and continues around the board, dropping one seed in every cup. If the last seed dropped into a cup makes a set of four seeds, the player takes those seeds and puts them in their treasury.
  4. The turn ends when the player puts a set of four seeds in their treasury, or when a seed is dropped into an empty cup.
  5. The other player then picks up all the seeds from any cup on their side of the board and distributes them, one per cup, counter-clockwise around the board.
  6. Players have to think ahead to prevent groups of three seeds from appearing on the board for the other player to capture. The winner is the player with the most seeds in their treasury at the end of the game.


Don’t forget to take a picture of your children playing their Adi game and share on social media! Tag @GivingCatalog and use #pgcJerryCan, and we’ll send you #makingadifference t-shirts!

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