Congregation Commits to Sending At-Risk Youth to Triennium

“Triennium for me personally is an opportunity to grow and get to know more about God’s will.”

Eduardo and Kenia stood in front of the congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis in Bee Cave, Texas, expressing why they wish to attend Presbyterian Youth Triennium this summer. This congregation has decided to support these two teenagers from the ¡Vamos Ya! program, as well as two others, by using their retained 40% of the Pentecost Offering to help get them to the youth conference.

¡Vamos Ya! is a ministry of Divine Redeemer Presbyterian Church, a Hispanic congregation in San Antonio, Texas. Their mission is to guide at-risk youth within their community to realize their full potential through holistic support and caring relationships. Though these youth have attended John Knox Ranch and other area camps through the program, they have never made the trek to Indiana for the largest youth conference of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A).

Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis has been supporting ¡Vamos Ya! for several years now, and they are excited for this additional opportunity of supporting the faith journeys of these four youth. Though the congregation does not have any young people of its own, they have committed themselves to impacting the lives of young people through their partnership with ¡Vamos Ya! as well as other outreach efforts.

Following worship where Eduardo and Kenia spoke about their excitement to attend Presbyterian Youth Triennium, the congregation hosted a lunch for them, followed by a pool party at a members’ house. As generations joined together for fun and fellowship, it was easy to see this relationship is guiding all parties toward a brighter, faith-filled future.

This church-wide Pentecost offering supports children at risk, ministries with youth, and Young Adult Volunteers, and 40 percent of the offering stays with local congregations. Please give generously, because when we all do a little, it adds up to a lot.

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