Pentecost: Enabling Students to Transcend Poverty

Rising TIDE

Christopher Hall’s life was not always smooth sailing, but it could have turned out very different had he not been boosted by a Rising TIDE.

Rising TIDE, which stands for “Train Individuals to Develop and Excel,” is an after-school ministry of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Long Beach, California. Christopher, who was born into poverty in a depressed city neighborhood, is now a successful entrepreneur, a husband and a father of three.

But if not for Rising Tide, he says life might have been much different for him and many of his friends.

“Rising TIDE helps you become something better. We could easily have become gang members or been involved in alcohol, drugs or other negative things.”

Rising TIDE serves children and youth from pre-school through high school with everything from tutoring and enrichment opportunities to sports and physical fitness activities to life skills training. However, Rising TIDE is about more than programming for the 100 students whom it serves. It’s also about building relationships.

“Those who come from helpful and supportive families experience the Rising TIDE family as a supplementary family,” says Rev. Rob Langworthy, who co-founded Rising TIDE with his wife, Rev. Adele Langworthy. “Others who don’t have that kind of family at home find Rising TIDE as their source of support and inspiration and guidance and encouragement.”

Rob notes the program has its best success among students who began the program in childhood and continue through adolescence. “Well over 90 percent of those who are involved in the program for several years go on to college or university,” Rob says. “We have a lot of success stories of people who have achieved in life beyond what a lot of people might have expected.”

Impacting young people near and far

Across the United States and around the world, the Pentecost Offering helps young people achieve their God-given potential. Children at risk, ministries with youth and Young Adult Volunteers benefit from Pentecost Offering gifts. And forty percent of the offering stays with congregations to be used for programs supporting children, youth, and young adults.

Through the Pentecost Offering, you can make an impact on young people in your own church, your own community—as well in other churches and other communities whose children need our love. And perhaps most importantly, this churchwide offering opens the doors to children, youth, and young adults so that they grow in the patterns of faith meant to last a lifetime. Please give generously, because as has always been the case, when we all do a little, it adds up to a lot.

Let us pray

Lift our eyes, O God, to see the potential of every one of your children. May we reach out and support those who are at risk so that their futures rise like the tides of your seas. Amen.

Join us

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