Monthly Archives: April 2019

Pentecost: Building a Life of Faith

Who was the first person to teach you about Jesus? Who was the first person to  show you how to honor God with your life? Who helped you open the doors to new understandings of God and of faith? When did these things happen? For many of us, they happened during our childhood. They happened… Read more »

OGHS Sixty Second Sermon Reflection

A church walks into a bar…and then what? We invite you to watch this short video and reflect on what you’ve seen by answering the questions below. Thank you to Rev. Ryan Landino, Lead Presbyter for Transformation at the Presbytery of Great Rivers, for creating this Sixty Second Sermon for One Great Hour of Sharing…. Read more »

OGHS: Saving a Community in Puerto Rico from the Threat of Displacement

A Community Facing Displacement Even before Hurricane Maria ravaged communities along the Martín Peña Channel in Puerto Rico last year, residents were facing another threat that could have completely disrupted their way of life. Plans to dredge the polluted channel and improve the waterway promised to dramatically increase property values in this section of San… Read more »

Passionate Generosity through One Great Hour of Sharing

This piece was written by Rev. Aisha Brooks-Lytle, Executive Presbyter of the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta, for their presbytery newsletter originally published March 30, 2019. Our conversations around what it means to flourish continues to deepen our understanding of what it means to be a Presbytery filled with healthy congregations and innovative leaders who are… Read more »

OGHS: Helping Day Laborers Strive for Fair Wages and Safe Working Conditions

When Payday is Not Promised Narciso, Feliciano, and Alberto labored hard on a construction project in the hot Arizona sun for several days. Though the work was demanding, the promise of payday kept these day laborers going. They had cupboards to fill and bills to pay. But payday presented an unwelcome surprise for these men…. Read more »