2018 Summer Commitment Giving Catalog

This summer, the Presbyterian Giving Catalog is inviting you to make a life-changing difference for people in need with practical gifts of water, agriculture, and livestock.

For each month this summer, we encourage you to pick one or more items from the 2018 Summer Commitment Giving Catalog, such as chickens, goats, or a pair of oxen and plow (a brand new item!) that provide an ongoing source of food and nourishment. The gift of garden wells can help provide life-giving clean water to whole communities, which these hotter months remind us is so important. You can even provide an entire Community Farm Bundle (another new item!) which includes livestock, seeds, equipment, and training–this would be a great opportunity for Sunday school classes and Presbyterian Women Circles who are seeking charitable opportunities during the summer.

These are among the many ways your Summer Commitment gifts are filling a need, making an impact, and providing hope here in the United States and around the globe. Reach out to us at presbyteriangifts@pcusa.org if you have any questions. And, please give generously!

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