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It’s time again for One Great Hour of Sharing

Isaiah’s Call for True Humility Centuries Ago Still Rings True Today When you read Isaiah 58, you start to wonder if anything ever changes. Even in the days of the prophet, Isaiah was called to challenge God’s people who knelt for the sake of the kneeling, not for the sake of honoring their God. Fasting… Read more »

It’s not just for Christmas

Engage with the Presbyterian Giving Catalog Year-Round If you look at gifts to the Presbyterian Giving Catalog, there seems to be a trend: smaller spikes in daily activity near gift-giving holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, with most of our activity coming near Christmas. It makes sense. People are in a generous mood near… Read more »

One Great Hour of Sharing Resources

It is about time to start thinking about One Great Hour of Sharing! Through this longstanding, ecumenical effort, Presbyterians share God’s love by giving to ministries that provide relief to those affected by natural disasters, food for the hungry, and support towards the self-development of poor and oppressed communities. This offering is usually received on Palm… Read more »