Connecting Through Giving

“Share” your blessings with others

When’s the last time you connected with a friend through social media? Or text, or e-mail? When’s the last time you shared a status update, or a photo of a cat? Technology today allows us to stay connected to those we love more than ever before. We can scroll through their photos, comment on their posts, and “like” those funny videos they share—even when they’re miles away.

On the other hand, social media allows us to feel more connected to those around the world in both tragedies and celebrations. We can change our profile pictures in support, use hashtags to share our thoughts, and send our prayers to all those affected.

It is in these moments and through these actions that we feel connected, yet helpless to those who were affected. We show our support, but how can we know it’s making a difference?

You Can Take Action that Makes a Difference

Through the Presbyterian Giving Catalog, you can make a difference—even closer to home than you may think. One of our featured gifts in the Presbyterian Giving Catalog this year is a Water Filter for those affected by the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

Flint Water Filter

With a long history of community involvement, First Presbyterian Church of Flint (FPC) has become a trusted refuge for community members seeking relief from the crisis. With support from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, members from FPC and the Lake Huron Presbytery have been on the ground assisting in distributing emergency water supplies, representing their community on the local recovery committee, and supporting the spiritual care and reconciliation in a community that feels betrayed.

By giving to those in need through the Presbyterian Giving Catalog, you can make an impact on the lives of people in our communities—locally and globally. From water filters for Flint residents, to a Family of Chickens for those living in rural communities around the world, there are over 40 gifts in the Presbyterian Giving Catalog that will make a difference.

Please give generously.


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