Helping Hands in Bedford, NH

“Smart and generous people developed Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Board of Pensions Assistance Program, and the PC(USA) Special Offerings. They made a tremendous difference in our presbytery, congregation, and in the lives of our employees. We are truly thankful,” said Rev. John Sawyer, co-pastor of Bedford Presbyterian Church in Bedford, NH.

Rev. Sawyer expressed to me his gratitude for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and One Great Hour of Sharing, which supported Bedford immediately after the 2015 New England winter storms, where a series of 4 storms dropped 6”-18” of snow each. To get a sense for how much snow this is, check out these pictures from The Atlantic. In my conversation with Rev. Sawyer, this Texan learned about roof raking (fellow warmer climate natives, learn more here). You can really get a sense for how damaging snow is to homes and roofs.

With assistance from PDA, Bedford Presbyterian Church’s Helping Hands program quickly began to reach out to members and neighbors to offer a roof raking service. This lead them to Sally and her young family members. Sally, an older woman, lives in a mobile home about an hour away from Bedford, NH. After the storms, Sally’s roof sagged dangerously, and the front door of the house rotted so severely cold air simply flowed into the home. Moisture poured into the house and allowed mold to grow. With funds from the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, BPC replaced Sally’s roof, front door, kitchen, and bathroom.

Helping Hands Bedford NH

Helping Hands was formed after BPC volunteered for 5 consecutive years in New Orleans, LA following Hurricane Katrina. The service work transformed the volunteers and the church and led them to see needs in their own community. “Handy” church members assist homeowners with home repairs.

Both Rev. Sawyer and co-pastor Rev. Karen Hagy express deep gratitude for assistance from PDA. Rev. Hagy wrote a thank you letter on the PDA website. Receiving One Great Hour of Sharing funds deeply moved the members of Bedford Presbyterian Church, the community of Bedford, NH and the Presbytery of Northern New England. These programs would not be possible without your generous gifts. Please consider making a gift to One Great Hour of Sharing.

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