Looking for new ways to inspire giving? Time to branch out.

The ornaments are paper but the gifts are enduring

Tree of HopeChristmas will be here before we know it, along with all the traditions we love and cherish, like putting up the tree. What’s your favorite ornament? Chances are it’s not the fanciest one, but one with great personal meaning: a macaroni star your child made, a tarnished wreath that belonged to your grandmother.

Imagine a whole tree filled with ornaments that have deep meaning, and you’ve got an idea what the Tree of Hope activity is all about. As your congregation begins choosing gifts from the Presbyterian Giving Catalog, encourage them to write their pledge on a Tree of Hope ornament and display those ornaments—on a tree, or on a wall—watching as hope grows from the generosity of your congregation. This tree can be displayed throughout the Advent season and is a great supplement for an Alternative Giving Market. Let your Tree of Hope serve as a moving reminder that every gift is a symbol: of joy, of support, of community in Christ, and more. 

Find the Tree of Hope activity in your Presbyterian Giving Catalog Activation Kit. If you haven’t received a Kit, place your order today!

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