Small Gifts. Big Impact.

We received the following letter and picture with a Giving Catalog order form, so you know I had to follow up – it was too cute!

Letter from TJ and HeidiThe letter:

Dear Friends,

We have been saving our Sunday School offering this year so we could buy some fish to help you start a fish farm. We hope that the fish will provide food for you.

Your friends in Christ,

TJ and Heidi

TJ Heidi

Included with this precious letter was a $50 gift for tilapia fingerlings, chickens, and farming tools. Each gift had a similar letter with a photo of TJ and Heidi.

I spoke with their Sunday School teacher, who said that these two saved a portion of their Sunday School money each week throughout the year to see how a little bit can add up to a real difference for others. At the end of the year, they sat down together to choose their gifts. The project was so successful, the younger classes will join them in the project this year.

These “small” gifts have truly made a big impact – as the children learn what it means to be involved in mission, to share with those who have need, and to nurture empathy for others.

How have the children of your church been involved in Special Offerings? Let us know –

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