Summer Catalog Commitment

For most of us, it’s summer vacation.

Yet, millions around the world are facing daily struggles to access food, clean drinking water, and shelter. This year, as you enjoy your summer vacation, you can take a step to help alleviate their burdens with practical gifts of livestock, clean water, and agricultural tools

Girls with chickens Garden well Farming tools

For each month this summer, please pick one or more of the items available on the Presbyterian Giving Catalog website and send in your gifts to share your blessings. These are among the many ways your Summer Commitment gifts are filling a need, making an impact, and providing hope here in the United States and around the globe.

We are committed to being good stewards of your gifts, and all God has given us, to share with God’s people. We will use your gift combined with others where it is needed most by a ministry supported by one of the four churchwide Special Offerings. This practice enables us to use your gifts to make the greatest impact in fulfilling our collective witness to the love of Jesus Christ. Please give generously. 

Thank you!

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