What difference does one gift make anyway?

How one offering counts, again and again

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Each year, One Great Hour of Sharing gives us the opportunity to support disaster relief, hunger initiatives, and self-development of people. Even if you’ve given to this Offering in the past, you may have wondered: Does my individual gift make much difference?

The problems OGHS seeks to address are daunting. Millions displaced by disaster or political upheaval. Whole communities without enough food to eat. Entire generations without access to education and opportunity. In Galatians 6, Paul writes, “So then, whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all” (v. 10). Through God and the work OGHS supports, meeting even these vast challenges is possible.

When you give to OGHS, it’s about more than what you put in the collection envelope. Your gift is added to the gift of the person in the pew beside you, and the congregation across town. It is multiplied by the volunteers helping God’s children around the world, as they turn a handful of dollars into a tableful of meals, a single check into gallons of clean water. And your gift is amplified by those who are ultimately helped. When their stomachs are full, their schools are open, and they have a safe place to sleep, they are free to turn their attention to more than survival: to raise a healthy family, to finish school, to serve others, to grow with God. In each good act—weeks, months, and years from now—your gift is making a difference. 

So, if you have given before, but always wondered if it mattered: know that it does. If you have never given because you didn’t think you could make an impact: know that you can.

Please give generously:

• Through your congregation

• By texting OGHS to 20222 to give $10

• Online at presbyterianmission.org/give-oghs






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