Special Offerings Stories: Advent Missions

Oak Level Presbyterian Church is located in a small rural community in Halifax, VA. This year, the Children’s choir chose to receive an Advent Mission Offering, to be used to purchase life-changing items from the Presbyterian Giving Catalog. 

Marty Melvin writes, “Each year we encourage the children to think of others and the needs of others around the world.  We have had special offerings for several years, whether it be for a needy family locally, Samaritan’s Purse, collecting canned goods and clothes.  We talked about what it would be like to have to walk a long distance to get clean water, and how hard it would be not to be able just to go into the kitchen and get a drink of water. As we explored the list of items in the Mission Catalog, not only did they want to help with getting clean water to as many people as they could, but also help make it possible for those living in remote areas to grow their own meats and vegetables. Oak Level Presbyterian Church is a farming community and our children relate to gardening, raising chickens etc.  Any special offering e.g. 2 Cents a Meal is taken up by the children.  Any time a need arises for the children’s choir, they find a way to raise money and pay for it.  They even raised money to purchase 16 robes and stoles.  As leaders, we believe we must equip our children with the needed training and resources to share what they have and encourage others to do the same. The children’s ages range from 5 to 12 years old.”

OL Children's Choir

The offering raised over $615, and the children chose to sponsor 4 families of chickens, 4 bunches of tilapia fingerlings, 5 bags of seeds, 9 sets of tools, a garden well share, rain water catchment system, and home connection to potable water system. What great things we can accomplish when we work together!

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