Looking Forward to Christmas

OK, it’s true. I don’t usually like to think about getting ready for Christmas until my Thanksgiving dinner has fully digested.

I like to jump in head first at the beginning of Advent and not slow down til Christmas day. I’m sure many of you who have worked in congregations know how true those words are!

But the truth of the matter is, sometimes you need a little lead time. I purchased my first two Christmas gifts last week, and I’m getting ready to start the all-important Christmas Card List. This year, choosing a design won’t be hard, however, because I have the opportunity to support PC(USA) Special Offerings with my purchase. 


Christmas Card - Hope

Christmas Card - Peace  Christmas Card - Joy  Christmas Card - Love


We’ve got four new designs this year, with an Advent theme of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. These designs are available on their own or in a box set. I plan to order the customizable version, since I think these would work well all year long. In addition, last year’s cards are also available for purchase. 100% of proceeds benefit the four special offerings: Christmas Joy, One Great Hour of Sharing, Pentecost and Peace & Global Witness. 


To see these cards, or to order bulletin inserts for your congregation, please visit http://www.pcusaspecialofferings.com.

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