I Want YOU!

I have been feeling a lot like the 1940s Uncle Sam poster that says, “I want you” with a big finger pointing at the reader. Except I was not alive in the 1940s, I’m not male and I’m not representing the government.

Sally wants YOU!

Though, I am looking for YOU to join the Ambassador program.

I want you to join me to increase support for, increase energy around and increase awareness of all the mission work funded by the 4 PCUSA Special Offerings.

Volunteers will meet with pastors in their area, present to congregations, tell stories of the way the money from Special Offerings has touched people’s lives and changed the world. The goal of this work is to increase the amount people give to Special Offerings so that more mission can be done in our churches, communities and the world.

As a way to reward volunteers for their time and a way to introduce volunteers face to face with the “on the ground” work done, there will be both national and international trips to go on. Volunteers are eligible for different trips based upon how much volunteer time one gives.

I am looking for those who are passionate about God’s work in the world. I am looking for those who are interested in increasing funding for the mission work of the Presbyterian Church. I am looking for those of you who want to find a way to serve the church at the national level. I am looking for those of you who want to earn travel.

Whatever your motivation, I am looking for your energy to join me and the other Ambassadors.

For more information click here: www.pcusa.org/solsn

Ambassador Basics:

  • Meet with pastors, sessions, and committees of assigned churches
  • (20-50) in your region
  • Deliver minutes for mission
  • Present at presbytery meetings
  • Exhibit at conferences on behalf of the special offerings
  • Network with engaged Presbyterians throughout the denomination

Incentives and limited travel expenses are provided.

Sally Wright

(502) 377-8114

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