Report on Land Rights and Food Security in Cameroon

PHP partners are working towards reforming land tenure policies in Cameroon

PHP current and past grant partners RELUFA (Joining Hands Cameroon) and CED (Center for Environment and Development) have published a report, “Land rights: the missing link for food security in Cameroon,” in partnership with IIED (International Institute for Environment and Development) and LandCam (a collaboration between RELUFA, CED and IIED).

Summary of the report:

For decades food insecurity has been a challenge in Cameroon’s Far North region, mainly due to extreme weather and weak land legislation. Now the problem is escalating.

The current humanitarian crisis caused by the Boko Haram insurgency has resulted in over 87,000 refugees and 340,000 internally displaced people in the region. Humanitarian agencies are responding with food aid but little attention is given to underlying challenges, notably access to land.

The reform of land legislation is an opportunity to strengthen land rights for local communities and marginalized groups. The briefing highlights how devolving power to local institutions and ensuring secure land tenure for displaced people and host communities must be priorities to achieve sustainable food security for everyone.

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