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YoRocko Podcast

Conversations with church leaders about projects that matter   Rocky Supinger talks with Erik DaileyErik talks about his book publishing company, Shook Foil Books, and his quest to rid Hollywood of bad church characters.   <—- Erik Dailey is an ordained minister and teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). He graduated with an MDiv from… Read more »

Recovering Reverend

You can take the pastor out of the church, but you can’t take the Church out of the pastor.   Open your heartsWhat I wanted to say after the #CharlestonShooting—a message to my white brothers and sisters in the church by Derrick L. Weston I miss preaching. I miss the preparation and the delivery. I… Read more »

Pilgrim Poems

If not now, when?   The wailing wall. . . so that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope. —1 Thess. 4:13b by Rose Niles when the life you thought was solidfallsthere is a wallfor wailing.someday collapse waits for all.exhausted,shocked that you live on,know this:other handsthat knew abyssprepared a placea fit-together,jagged,made-with-inspired-hands… Read more »


Relevant truth telling with a queer twist   It’s time tor the body of Christ to come outWhy the inclusion of LGBTQ people is not enough by Layton E. Williams I had tucked one leg awkwardly under me as I shifted in my kitchen chair. Across from me, my friend John was sipping his coffee… Read more »


Things that make you go hmm . . .   Christian Band-Aids by Shanell T. Smith “Weeping may endure for a night,           But joy comes in the morning!”But I sit here struggling in my angst           And a new day is a’dawnin’“Everything happens for a reason.           It’s all in God’s plan.”But it’s hard for me to divinize           suffering. I’m sorry…. Read more »

justleros = more than just nonsense or disparates

A space for a contemporary woman disciple to give voice to justice concerns in a world where some still think that women’s words are just leros (Greek for “nonsense”) or, in Spanish, disparates   Talitha koumA reflection and confession based on Mark 5:21–24, 35–43 by Magdalena I. García When Jesus had crossed again in the… Read more »

TLC: Think Like a Christian

Seeking transformation through the renewal of our minds   What is this? How thinking like a Christian is inherently a loving act by Jeffrey A. Schooley I like to ask people I meet for the first time, “What’s your schtick?” Those with the slightest knowledge of Yiddish will know how to answer; those without—eh, not… Read more »

Simplicity on the Far Side of Complexity

“I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.” —Oliver Wendell Holmes   Ashes God is good even when the world is not—a response to the #CharlestonShooting. by Jodi Craiglow Jerusalem was in crisis. King Hezekiah… Read more »

Don’t call me an ally: getting to work

Explaining the #CharlestonShooting to my children   Don’t call me an ally: getting to work by Mihee Kim-Kort I didn’t come into an awareness of my racialized self until late college, and didn’t really engage the issues around it until seminary, and even then wrestled with whether there was a third way beyond the black-white… Read more »

YoRocko Podcast

Conversations with church leaders about projects that matter   Rocky Supinger talks with Brian EllisonBrian, a pastor, talks about his “night” job: an NPR talk show.   <—- Brian Ellison has served as executive director of the Covenant Network since 2012, providing overall strategic leadership in implementing the organization’s mission. Previously, he served as pastor of… Read more »