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The Missing Candle A Wedding Story by Ken Rummer   My vote for most dangerous part of a wedding? The unity candle.  A wick that refused to catch fire comes to mind. And I can still see the outdoor candle, just lit, that promptly succumbed to a mischievous breeze. In another wedding, two half-candles, individually… Read more »

Hopeful Church

Are We Undone by Our Expectations? by N. Graham Standish  Years ago I worked with a deeply frustrated pastor. We’ll call him Wes. He couldn’t get his church to engage in almost any meaningful ministry or mission. A dinner to support a missionary? Too few signed up. Being more involved in the local food cupboard?… Read more »

The B-Flat Christian

The Needy and the Greedy What makes us afraid to give freely to the needy?     by Rebecca Lister   My son recently finished the requirements for the Boy Scout’s highest honor, Eagle Scout. As part of his final project, he designed and built a Little Free Pantry and a Little Free Library.  He… Read more »

Step by Step: Faithfully Seeking Climate Justice

All together now Changes to make for changing planet   by abby mohaupt   I was recently interviewed by a German newspaper about the role of climate change denial and how one organizes a response to climate change. He wanted to know how climate change denial (by lobbyists and the fossil fuel industry) affects climate… Read more »


Walking the pictures A home gallery tour by Ken Rummer “Sweet Georgia Brown.” That was the tune I hummed as I carried my crib-aged children around the house in the middle of the night.   It would be a night when we had tried diaper and milk and pacifier and rocking chair, and still there… Read more »

Hopeful Church

Does our leadership heal . . . or inflict pain? by N. Graham Standish  I recently talked with a frustrated and disappointed pastor who was in tremendous pain over her struggling church. As I listened to her story, I suddenly had an insight: Perhaps everyone who comes to church is in pain. Perhaps everyone who… Read more »

Gospel and Inclusivity

Our God-given superpowers Spiderverse reminds us of Christ’s incarnation by Samuel Son We are approaching end of January so by now, your Christmas lights are rolled up, ornaments neatly boxed, and scattering of pine leaves vacuumed. My 13-year-old, though suffering from teen cynicism, surprised her parents by protesting our removal of the decorations, saying, “Christmas isn’t… Read more »


Red-tailed hawk A close encounter     by Ken Rummer                       A large flapping draws my attention through the window. A red-tailed hawk has just touched down on the cedar railing of the deck and is now scanning the yard and the trail beyond. Brown… Read more »