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Scribbling Outside the Lines

Playing beyond the boundaries in hopes of finding God and inspiration   Navigating the life of a bivocational pastorHow I came to combine part-time congregational ministry with two startup initiatives for children and the arts by Adam Walker Cleaveland While in seminary, I never thought I’d use the word bivocational to describe myself. And yet,… Read more »


Redefining where and when church happens   Please stop treating my non-church ministry as if it weren’t realA defense of validated ministries serving in non-congregational settings by Mieke Vandersall I have a friend. She has one of the most pastoral souls I have experienced in my time on this earth. She is compassionate, generous, patient,… Read more »


Redefining where and when church happens   Emptying outThe un-mastered art of letting go of expectations by Mieke Vandersall I know that for some this may border on heresy, but I have to be honest: I’m not a big fan of the labyrinth. For those who aren’t familiar, a prayer labyrinth is a single, purposeful… Read more »

The No Shame Zone

One young person’s subversive thoughts on church and society   I am not my jobA myth that needs to die by Tad Hopp “What do you do for a living?” “Oh, you work as a waiter/barista/retail associate? Well, I’m sure you are just doing that until you find something better, right? Being a waiter is… Read more »