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Hopeful Church

Is healing at the core of our congregations? by N. Graham Standish As a seminary student I heard a constant refrain from our professors: Jesus came to preach and teach. It was the pretext underlying our whole seminary education as they trained us to preach and teach. It made sense to me. Isn’t that what… Read more »

Recovering reverend

Just Another Mass Shooting Refusing to adjust to this new norm by Derrick Weston When I woke to the news of the Orlando shooting on Sunday morning, I was immediately transported back to the Sunday morning I had to preach after Gabby Gifford was shot. And then to the morning when I had to preach… Read more »


Things that make you go hmm . . .   Therapy Ain’t for Black Folk?! by Shanell T. Smith It’s all I see in movies.It’s all that I’ve heard spoken.“Black folk don’t do therapy.Unless he was a ‘token’Negros don’t believe in sittin’With no man to help to free usWe don’t need no medicationAll we needs,… Read more »

Scribbling Outside the Lines

Playing beyond the boundaries in hopes of finding God and inspiration   Preaching about mental illness Being vulnerable and breaking the stigma by Adam Walker Cleaveland According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in four Americans experience mental illness in a given year. The average size of a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) congregation is… Read more »