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Meeting Jesus: March 7 Andrew

Tuesday of the First Week in Lent Read John 1:35–42 I’ve followed John for a while now. He brings a fresh — if abrupt — message and speaks with authority. We were talking today when, mid-sentence, he pointed to a fellow walking by and called him “the Lamb of God.” Now, we’ve studied the Torah…. Read more »

Unglued church

Learning to let go Embracing what we cannot see By Sarah Robbins   “You really should just go ahead and embrace it.” When something new is happening in our life, like a change in job or relationship, people will often offer this perspective. When we are in pain or in grief or a little of… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: March 6 John the Baptist

Monday of the First Week in Lent Read Matthew 3:1–17 God has called me to a bare existence. I live in the wilderness. I eat bugs. I wear the garments of the poor. I baptize people. I’m a visible reminder that we Israelites need to make some drastic changes. God doesn’t call us to comfort, soaking… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: March 5 Temple Teachers

First Sunday in Lent Read Luke 2:40–52 Calling this child “precocious” would be an understatement. As the masses departed from Passover observances, one of my fellow scribes discovered a 12-year-old wandering around the colonnade. His parents were nowhere to be found, but he in no manner seemed frightened or lost. That was curious and disconcerting,… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: March 4 Anna

Read Luke 2:22–38 Lord, these 84 years you’ve given me have been such a blessing. You gave me parents to care for me, a husband to stand beside me, and a temple where I could find solace after their time had passed. You’ve spoken to and through me, and allowed me to carry your message… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: March 3 Magi

Read Matthew 2:1–12 The king’s star has risen over Israel; we must welcome him! We gathered precious metals and expensive spices, to curry the new monarch’s favor. Arriving in the capital, we proceeded to the palace. Where else would their ruler be? Herod welcomed us with acclaim, but to our surprise, replied with ignorance concerning… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: March 2 Shepherds

Read Luke 2:8–20 We were grazing our flocks outside Jerusalem tonight when an angel appeared. I can’t really describe it—the air got heavier. The atmosphere pulsed, and it felt so bright that I couldn’t see, even in the middle of the night. We were all terrified. Now, remember, we’re shepherds. People rarely pay attention to… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: March 1 Mary

Ash Wednesday Read Luke 1:26–38 I was minding my own business. Then, out of nowhere, an angel appeared, telling me in nine months Joseph and I will have an addition to our family. I’ve “found favor with God,” and this child will be an everlasting king. The angel, Gabriel, even called him the “son of… Read more »

Speak out

Beer fast for Lent? An unusual spiritual request By Ken Rummer The proposition took me by surprise. “Would you be my spiritual advisor?” J. Wilson, the editor of our weekly newspaper in Iowa had just been describing the medieval practice of certain monks who only drank beer during Lent, and how he, a home-brewer and self-described beer… Read more »

We’ve been here before

A Holy Week reflection for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday We’ve been here beforeA Holy Week reflection for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday by Patrick David Heery, editor The following reflection was delivered at the Holy Week worship service at the Presbyterian Center, the national office of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), a place undergoing significant… Read more »