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Meeting Jesus: March 27 Man Healed of Blindness

Monday of the Fourth Sunday in Lent Read John 9 (1–25) I was born blind, but later discovered I was “invisible.” Since I couldn’t look at others, they’d overlook me. Nobody realized that my emotions and intellect fully functioned, even if my eyes didn’t. Until today. A stranger healed me; when I washed off the mud… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: March 26 John

Fourth Sunday in Lent Read Luke 9:28–36 God revealed our master’s glory to Peter, James, and me this evening. Our prayers seemed typical, yet tonight Jesus’ face and clothing suddenly shone like Moses’ did when he came down from Sinai. Indeed, Moses himself — with Elijah — appeared, and spoke with Jesus of his upcoming ordeal… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: March 25 Peter

Saturday of the Third Week in Lent Read Matthew 16:13–28  On the way to Philippi we’re talking (surprising, I know), and Jesus asks us who we think he is. I start thinking about what’s happened since that random guy pulled me off my boat. I had no idea he’d become such a cultural force — or… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: March 24 Canaanite Woman

Friday of the Third Week in Lent Read Matthew 15:21–28 My daughter was at death’s door, and I was at my wits’ end. Nothing could bring my child back to health. I’d heard rumblings of a Jew working miracles over in Israel. But he moved around a lot, so nobody knew quite where he’d be. I… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: March 23 Young Boy

Thursday of the Third Week in Lent Read John 6:1–14 When I got to the hillside where Rabbi Jesus was teaching, I couldn’t believe it. The crowd was huge! I could see why — we eagerly listened for hours. But as afternoon came, his disciples got anxious. My stomach grumbled, and it dawned on me: nobody… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: March 22 Thaddaeus

Wednesday of the Third Week in Lent Read Matthew 10:5–20 We’d been watching Jesus at work for a while. We’d followed in his footsteps as he healed bodies and shared wisdom, worshiped in the temple and verbally sparred with its leaders. But today Jesus told us it was our turn: we’d pair off and scatter throughout… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: March 21 Woman Healed of Bleeding

Tuesday of the Third Week in Lent Read Mark 5:21–43 For 12 long years, I watched my life’s blood drain out of me. Each day, I woke up weaker. Each day, I was reminded of my alienation from society. Each day, I lost hope that I’d get better. So today, in a fit of desperation, I… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: March 20 Jairus

Monday of the Third Week in Lent Read Luke 8:40–55 Nothing has made me feel as powerless as seeing my child dying and not being able to do anything about it. She was too young to suffer like that. I found Jesus, that rabbi who has done all the healing, and begged his help. I… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: March 19 Gerasene Citizen

Third Sunday in Lent Read Mark 5:1–20 Today’s been quite a day. First of all, that crazy man down by the tombs was at it again last night — cutting himself, throwing himself on the ground, howling so loud we could hear it from town. How could we be expected to sleep through a racket… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: March 18 James

Saturday of the Second Week in Lent Read Mark 4:35–41 I’ve sailed the Sea of Galilee all my life. My family has made fishing our living for generations. And I’ll tell you, I’ve seen many a boat capsize in squalls that whip across that lake. So when we got caught in that storm tonight, I… Read more »