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TLC: Think like a Christian

Unholy War What just war theory requires us to believe about Jesus By Jeffrey Schooley At the 222nd General Assembly the Peacemaking and International Issues Committee addressed the long-contentious issue of the Just War tradition in Christianity. A recent guest column speaks to some of this deliberation. The concept of a just war and the… Read more »

GA 222 and our churches

Will what happened in Portland stay in Portland? Practicing our polity at home FROM THE EDITOR: Here on the Presbyterians Today blog we post thoughts from many different points of view. One of our goals is to think about who we are as a church and engage in respectful conversation about what we believe, what… Read more »

justleros = more than just nonsense or disparates

A space for a contemporary woman disciple to give voice to justice concerns in a world where some still think that women’s words are just leros (Greek for “nonsense”) or, in Spanish, disparates Lest we forgetA resource for Sunday’s liturgy based on Deuteronomy 26:5b–10 by Magdalena I. García “A wandering Aramean was my ancestor; he… Read more »

A Mote in Minerva’s Eye

Seeing without categorizing Global citizens and universal aliens Our citizenship is in heaven by Anita Coleman One planet. 57.3 million miles of surface land. 7.4 billion people. 59.5 million refugees and displaced peoples, of whom 51 percent are under the age of 18. Sheikh Yassir Fazaga was once one of those refugees. Forced to flee… Read more »

Recovering Reverend

You can take the pastor out of the church, but you can’t take the Church out of the pastor. Nothing is wastedHow I am learning to compost the rotten stuff that comes up in life by Derrick L. Weston In early December I took at day trip to a farm. The unseasonably warm weather made… Read more »

Living In Between

Adventures of a Presbyterian pastor on a Jesuit campus How I found resurrection in the Holy LandLessons from a trip to Israel and Palestine by Abby King-Kaiser When an olive tree reaches a certain age, it develops a weathered and gnarly bark full of wrinkles that I hope my face will carry some day, wrinkles… Read more »


Things that make you go hmm . . .   The reason . . . What’s the reason for this Christmas season when not all of us are filled with glee? by Shanell T. Smith The reason for the seasonThe birth of Jesus ChristThe purpose for adventThe inception of his lifeThe joy of the SaviorThe… Read more »


Relevant truth telling with a queer twist   My coming out helped me realize my white privilegeUniting women’s, LGBTQ, and racial justice movements by Layton E. Williams Five years ago, at Christmas, I went home for the holidays and announced to my family that I was planning on going to seminary. For the most part,… Read more »

Small Matters

Stories of mustard seeds and mountains   Small town justiceA pastor and a heroin addict’s father walk into a police station . . . by Sue Washburn My husband and I walked into the district magistrate’s office. It was cold. The air conditioning was blasting, the folding metal chairs uncomfortable. A couple dozen magazines were… Read more »


Relevant truth telling with a queer twist   I love Jesus but sometimes I don’t like himIs Jesus sexist? Well, yeah, sort of. by Layton E. Williams Last month, as Pope Francis made his first visit to the United States and “popemania” took over the country and social media, I followed the events of his… Read more »