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Step By Step: Faithfully Seeking Climate Justice

Rising up for climate justice  Presbyterians share their thoughts from a recent climate march     On September 8, tens of thousands of people gathered in marches around the world to walk with creation and for climate justice with Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice.  Here are the stories of three Presbyterians who joined this movement.  Marching… Read more »

The Church for Today

Mystery Box Outsiders wonder what’s inside church  by Richard Hong   I used to live near a business that had an innocuous name – I forget what it was. There would usually be just a few cars parked outside. The windows had blinds covering them. I never figured out what it was. Was it a… Read more »

Barn Boots and Blessings

The Great Epiphany Challenge Joining the Magi in seeing Christ among us by Donna Frischknecht Jackson    It’s January 5, and I know I should take my Christmas tree down. The needles are falling at an alarming rate and each morning as I sip my coffee in the kitchen I can hear the clunk of… Read more »

God in All Things

Unofficial pastoral exchange program My time as a Lutheran leader By Mary Robin Craig   It wasn’t exactly an exchange program—there was no trade involved. But for the past fourteen months, I served an ELCA congregation as its interim pastor. It was an unexpected adventure in my call as a teaching elder in the PC(USA)…. Read more »

TLC: Think Like a Christian

Seeking transformation through the renewal of our minds ‘We’ve always done it that way’An ode to ruling elders and what’s really going on when a church member resists change by Jeffrey A. Schooley As a relatively new pastor, I’ve heard the phrase “We’ve always done it that way” enough times to drown in it. No… Read more »

Recovering Reverend

You can take the pastor out of the church, but you can’t take the Church out of the pastor.   Things I miss from my evangelical daysI love much about being Presbyterian, but it’s time for these “frozen chosen” to thaw out beside the fires of our evangelical brethren. by Derrick L. Weston I have… Read more »

Living In Between

Adventures of a Presbyterian pastor on a Jesuit campus   What a Catholic taught this Presbyterian about worshipDifferent emphases on the Word and the Eucharist open new possibilities. by Abby King-Kaiser I stood at the back of the room, nervously talking to Mike, our guest preacher, about the weather, the coming spring, and what I… Read more »

Living In Between

Adventures of a Presbyterian pastor on a Jesuit campus   Called to be a guestIn ministry, we often think of ourselves as hosts, but really, we are just the guests. by Abby King-Kaiser I am not in college anymore. It seems like an obvious statement, but in September, I need to remind myself of this… Read more »

Living In Between

Adventures of a Presbyterian pastor on a Jesuit campus   Pentecost earsListening for God in other languages by Abby King-Kaiser It’s summer. The tumbleweed blows through our campus (metaphorically of course—I live in Ohio) to the soundtrack of construction paced to be complete by August. I latch onto any student that I see, my extroverted… Read more »