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Barn Boots and Blessings

Someday is now Seeing the God dreams right in front of us by Donna Frischknecht Jackson   The Christmas tree is losing its needles and the cutout Santa cookies are beyond stale. Christmas 2017 is fast-becoming a memory. All eyes are now on 2018. That means our eyes are on the goals and dreams we… Read more »

The B-Flat Christian

A wonderful time of year Time to decide what’s really important by Rebecca Lister   It’s that time of year — “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” It’s a time that the “Marthas” of the world relish — a time of baking, shopping, wrapping, cooking and constantly doing. I am referring to Martha, sister… Read more »

Thinking small

Cloudy vision The inscrutable, unpredictable call of God By Sue Washburn I’m rarely accused of having my head in the clouds. I’m not the daydreaming, stare off into space sort. I feel most comfortable when I know what to expect in my day. I use my phone’s calendar app keep me on track. I get… Read more »


  Missing Choir Hearts on Fire, Brains on Ice* by Ken Rummer Eight months into retirement, I realized I missed singing in the choir, a surprising conclusion for one who never took choir in school. There was an elementary school solo on “I Dream of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair” and a fifth grade… Read more »


  The Field One Last Crop by Ken Rummer Beyond our yard is the trail and beyond the trail is the field. The field marches north to the dusty fog that marks the gravel of the next mile road. Thomas Jefferson’s grid of surveyed squares is much in evidence around here. This is land the… Read more »


  The ambush Jumped by nothing to do by Ken Rummer Well, it finally came, and when it did, it took me by surprise. My friend had headed for home after helping me paint the garage floor. My wife was off caring for a grandchild. And I was sitting in the reading chair watching the… Read more »


  Fireflies The light is for shining by Ken Rummer   Wild flowers are blooming on the embankment leading up to the trail. It’s an old railroad right of way that’s being encouraged to go natural, now sporting some prairie grasses and the blooms that show with them. This being our first summer here, I… Read more »


Photo Credit: K. Rummer Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! A View From the Pew by Ken Rummer Sundays feel different, in retirement.* Without a sermon to deliver (Will I lose my notes? Will I lose my place? Will it make any sense at all?), without arrangements to arrange (Will the liturgist show up? Is the air conditioner working? Is there water… Read more »


Waiting is hard Living the in between times By Ken Rummer It’s not like I’ve never waited before. I’ve waited for the cereal box-top prize to come in the mail. I’ve waited in the wings to go on stage. I’ve waited for summer vacation and for Christmas morning and for spaghetti water to boil. But… Read more »

Unglued Church

Long Illusions God’s miracles are all around us By Sarah Robbins   Sometimes it takes too long to be able to see what’s going on. I am an impatient person. Having something block my vision or distort what is really going on always feels like a big waste of time to me. I get annoyed…. Read more »