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Gospel and Inclusivity

Remembering Honestly The truth behind our patriotic holidays by Samuel Son I attended two different churches on the Sunday before July 4th. They incorporated the holiday differently in their worship. One church had each military division carry their respective flags to the stage while the orchestra and the men’s choir played a rousing tune. Then… Read more »


Measuring A Life Wonderings, Fears, and Taking Stock by Ken Rummer Now in the seventh decade of my life, I wonder how I have done. Has my life been well-lived? Have I made the most of it? Has it mattered? As a teenager, I had a Peanuts cartoon on my wall. Snoopy is resting/sleeping on… Read more »


Rocks and Stones Excavations In Memory by Ken Rummer   I noticed that my last post got a little deep in the rocks  ( And I started wondering why. It might go back to my early years. At some point in childhood, I got into rocks. I think it was fossils that did it. One… Read more »

The B-Flat Christian

And the Walls Came a Tumblin’ Down What ‘walls’ do we need God to tear down in our lives?  by Rebecca Lister  And the walls came a tumblin’ down. These words came to me the other morning as I was listening to an interview by the author of a book entitled The Line Becomes a… Read more »


Under My Feet Soundings In Soil And Stone by Ken Rummer   Under the ice, that’s where we would have been 14,000 years ago, if we’d been here, on this land where our house now stands. During a period of widespread glacial advance that geologists call the Wisconsin, a giant tongue of ice crept into… Read more »

justleros: more than nonsense / más que disparates

Called to resistance A Revised Common Lectionary resource for January 28 by Magdalena I. García They were all amazed, and they kept on asking one another, ‘What is this? A new teaching — with authority! He commands even the unclean spirits, and they obey him.’ – Mark 1:27 Read the full lectionary passage here There… Read more »

Barn Boots and Blessings

Finding God in the Junk Drawer A much-needed reminder to ‘watch for God’ by Donna Frischknecht Jackson    God spoke to me the other day. I wasn’t standing on some mountaintop. Nor was I lying prostrate on the floor. I wasn’t even kneeling in the quiet of the old sanctuary of the little rural church… Read more »

The Church for Today

Mystery Box Outsiders wonder what’s inside church  by Richard Hong   I used to live near a business that had an innocuous name – I forget what it was. There would usually be just a few cars parked outside. The windows had blinds covering them. I never figured out what it was. Was it a… Read more »

Barn Boots and Blessings

The Great Epiphany Challenge Joining the Magi in seeing Christ among us by Donna Frischknecht Jackson    It’s January 5, and I know I should take my Christmas tree down. The needles are falling at an alarming rate and each morning as I sip my coffee in the kitchen I can hear the clunk of… Read more »


The View A temporary blessing by Ken Rummer   I’m going to miss the view. I knew it wouldn’t be forever, this view from the back of our new house. Sooner or later, the owners of the field beyond the trail would get an offer they wouldn’t refuse, and the field would begin to sprout… Read more »