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Hopeful Church

  How do we deal with dissenters? by N. Graham Standish The session was in the midst of a future-changing discussion. Our “Future of Worship” task force had given them their final proposal after spending 15 months discerning how to adapt our worship to a changing world. They had studied different kinds of worship and… Read more »

The Church for Today

Mystery Box Outsiders wonder what’s inside church  by Richard Hong   I used to live near a business that had an innocuous name – I forget what it was. There would usually be just a few cars parked outside. The windows had blinds covering them. I never figured out what it was. Was it a… Read more »

Wisdom Journey

Is today really that bad? Was yesterday really that good? By N. Graham Standish We tend to look at the past wistfully, the present critically, and the future fearfully. But as Christians we are called to look at life through a different lens. We are called to look at the past realistically, the present faithfully,… Read more »

Speak Out

Talk amongst yourselves Living reconciliation means having hard conversations By Ty Gomez As I approach my 25th year as an attorney, it strikes most people as an odd confession when I admit that I don’t really enjoy conflict. Especially since I’m a litigator, and that means that virtually everyone who contacts me is angry at… Read more »

A mote in Minerva’s eye

Patience and the Praying Mantis An invitation to pray for humility in the President-Elect and the church By Anita Coleman “Dear God, let me run toward, rather than away from, correction. Reduce my pride, increase my humility, and help me be malleable to good advice. Amen.” That’s a prayer from the book The President’s Devotional… Read more »

Writing in the margins

Cuba: Reality, Hope and the Gospel By Antonio (Tony) Aja This time we had running water everyday for the morning shower. When I first visited Cuba back in 2004 for the first time since I left in 1967, I wrote an article for the denomination where I used the unpredictability of having water in the… Read more »

Small Matters

Stories of mustard seeds and mountains How the gospel showed up in a hospital roomWhat 80 years of church will do to a person by Sue Washburn I probably should not have had that third shot of espresso. My mind was going a million miles an hour. I paced as I made phone calls to… Read more »

The No Shame Zone

One young person’s subversive thoughts on church and society   The FDA still doesn’t want gay bloodA recent change to policy underscores continuing discomfort with sex in our society and church. by Tad Hopp Recently, the FDA lifted the decades-old ban on gay men donating blood. This ban was put into effect at the height… Read more »

Not Quite Right

One slightly unhinged pastor’s attempt to love (and laugh with) a slightly unhinged church, from the inside out.   We assume too much . . . and not enough Can we tell a better story about those different from us? by Joshua Bower Pardon the not-exactly-church-appropriate language, but here’s a saying I love: “When you… Read more »

Simplicity on the Far Side of Complexity

“I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.” —Oliver Wendell Holmes   Yes, I was that evangelical at the More Light Presbyterians conferenceHow evangelicals and progressives can cross the theological divide by Jodi Craiglow In… Read more »