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Hopeful Church

Finding meaning in times of crisis by N. Graham Standish Throughout the coronavirus pandemic I’ve been thinking a lot about Victor Frankl. It’s like he’s the answer to everything pastors especially are struggling with right now. I don’t know if you know who he is, or remember who he was, but he wrote a seminal… Read more »

Barn Boots and Blessings

Ashes and violence and teen’s question: Why?   by Donna Frischknecht Jackson   The sanctuary was mostly quiet. Every now and then a hum, rattle and swoosh from the ancient heating system would interrupt the stillness. It was a welcomed noise as I was trying hard to keep the cavernous room at a toasty 60… Read more »

Barn Boots and Blessings

A different kind of Christmas card   Who is waiting to hear from you?    by Donna Frischknecht Jackson   On my desk sits an index card with the initial “R” written on it in blue marker. I have thrown this index card into the garbage at least three times so far and, so far,… Read more »

Speak out

Beer fast for Lent? An unusual spiritual request By Ken Rummer The proposition took me by surprise. “Would you be my spiritual advisor?” J. Wilson, the editor of our weekly newspaper in Iowa had just been describing the medieval practice of certain monks who only drank beer during Lent, and how he, a home-brewer and self-described beer… Read more »

Wisdom journey

The path to wisdom Seeing ourselves as God sees us By N. Graham Standish True wisdom means becoming aware—aware of me, aware of you, aware of God. Wisdom is alertness of my perspective, your perspective, and God’s perspective, all at the same time. The truly wise act in ways that respond to all three. Wisdom… Read more »

God in all things

Do not be afraid Changing the way we think of suicide By Mary Robin Craig Within a few days of my son’s death by suicide, a chaplain said to me, “You can’t stop people. If they are determined to end their lives, they will.” I could not fathom how that might be comforting news, but… Read more »

Wisdom Journey

Striving for greatness It may not be what we think By N. Graham Standish While we may crave being considered great in the world’s eyes, it’s much more important to be considered great in God’s eyes. Yet what makes us great in God’s eyes may make us seem like nothing in the world’s eyes. What… Read more »

I do?

Marriage as Witness Understanding marriage as being about mission, not happiness By Jeffrey A Schooley This column is for the engaged, the to-be-engaged, and even for those who are already married and are still working out what that means. Last month we explored the significance of couples getting married in the church during a normal… Read more »

Wisdom journey

Grounded When suffering leads to hope By Graham Standish To truly be grounded in God, we often have to be ground down. It’s not that God wants to humiliate us. It’s that to truly be available to God we have to have humility, and the grinding down of life can cultivate us to become good… Read more »

We need more shepherds to walk these dark valleys

An essay on how to care for the victims of shootings—by someone who has counseled more than 90 families in 10 years Joy comes in the morning for trauma survivors. We need more shepherds to walk these dark valleysAn essay on how to care for the victims of shootings—by someone who has counseled more than… Read more »