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Not quite right

Drains, toilets, and the truth about Christmas How can we make Christmas good news to all people? by Joshua Bower I feel the presence of Jesus in a lot of different places: hiking in the woods, walking on the beach, singing “Silent Night” on Christmas Eve. But I never expected to meet Jesus under a… Read more »

Wisdom Journey

Living a sacred life Trusting in the abundance of God By N. Graham Standish The more willing we are to sacrifice in life, the more sacred we make life. The more selfish we become in life, the more scarcity we bring to life. And the less sacred life becomes. Sacredness grows out of sacrifice. Scarcity… Read more »

Wisdom journey

The path to wisdom Seeing ourselves as God sees us By N. Graham Standish True wisdom means becoming aware—aware of me, aware of you, aware of God. Wisdom is alertness of my perspective, your perspective, and God’s perspective, all at the same time. The truly wise act in ways that respond to all three. Wisdom… Read more »

God in all things

Do not be afraid Changing the way we think of suicide By Mary Robin Craig Within a few days of my son’s death by suicide, a chaplain said to me, “You can’t stop people. If they are determined to end their lives, they will.” I could not fathom how that might be comforting news, but… Read more »

Guest Blogger

The blood and the river By Jose Luis Casal Dedicated to the victims of the massacre in Orlando and their families When the blood becomes a river flowers bloom from dead bones. And life emerges beyond the homophobias and hatred speeches from “plexi-glass Christians” without any hopes. When the blood becomes a river fertilizes life… Read more »

Wisdom Journey

Striving for greatness It may not be what we think By N. Graham Standish While we may crave being considered great in the world’s eyes, it’s much more important to be considered great in God’s eyes. Yet what makes us great in God’s eyes may make us seem like nothing in the world’s eyes. What… Read more »

Our church connects

Meeting people where they are Church youth connect with people who are homeless in their community Submitted by Dallas Thompson The theme of this month’s print magazine is connections (see the magazine). On the blog we are celebrating they way churches are connecting with their communities. If your church has a story to share, send… Read more »

TLC: Think like a Christian

Desired Distractions? How attention to national “issues” might just be an excuse to avoid local realities by Jeffrey Schooley A congregant recently talked to me – at length – about the bathroom bill in North Carolina. A friend was told by the clerk of his presbytery that he should be prepared for five to six… Read more »

Speak Out

Heroes, Role Models and Saints by Steve Young, guest blogger We Americans love our heroes. In some cases, that designation is well-placed. A soldier giving his life for our country. That one teacher who made all the difference. But, all too often, our choice of heroes seems to be about attaching unrealistic expectations to people… Read more »

Recovering reverend

Just Another Mass Shooting Refusing to adjust to this new norm by Derrick Weston When I woke to the news of the Orlando shooting on Sunday morning, I was immediately transported back to the Sunday morning I had to preach after Gabby Gifford was shot. And then to the morning when I had to preach… Read more »