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The Church for Today

Mystery Box Outsiders wonder what’s inside church  by Richard Hong   I used to live near a business that had an innocuous name – I forget what it was. There would usually be just a few cars parked outside. The windows had blinds covering them. I never figured out what it was. Was it a… Read more »

Barn Boots and Blessings

The Great Epiphany Challenge Joining the Magi in seeing Christ among us by Donna Frischknecht Jackson    It’s January 5, and I know I should take my Christmas tree down. The needles are falling at an alarming rate and each morning as I sip my coffee in the kitchen I can hear the clunk of… Read more »

Barn Boots and Blessings

Someday is now Seeing the God dreams right in front of us by Donna Frischknecht Jackson   The Christmas tree is losing its needles and the cutout Santa cookies are beyond stale. Christmas 2017 is fast-becoming a memory. All eyes are now on 2018. That means our eyes are on the goals and dreams we… Read more »

Wisdom Journey

Short speech. Short temper? Texts and tweets are better for expressing contempt, not compassion By N. Graham Standish Efficient conversation often elicits conflict. Compassionate conversation often compels companionship and cooperation. The question is whether we have the patience for compassion.   We are increasingly communicating in efficient ways. That seems to be the thrust of… Read more »

Speak out

Genesis to Revelation in 90 hours Kentucky’s Bible-reading marathon crosses finish line for the second consecutive year By Tammy Warren   It was the voice of my friend Ed, reading Scriptures about the Bible character Job, that touched me most. Ed is battling cancer, and yet he braved the cold wind and rain to join… Read more »

Not quite right

Speaking with Jesus’ accent When you speak, who do people hear? By Joshua Bower The other day my 6-year-old daughter came into my bedroom…in tears. To give you a little context: it had been a rough day. She wasn’t listening to what we were telling her to do, she had been in time out more… Read more »

Unglued church

Our churches: Originals or old copies? Figuring out who we are as times change By Ayana Teter Recently, I was invited to share my thoughts on the “big-picture” view of my church.  I had the honor of sharing in a panel with a group of Presbyterian pastors from the Middle East.  As Christians they were… Read more »

I do?

Should Christians date/marry non-Christians? On correctly interpreting scripture incorrectly By Jeffrey A. Schooley If you came to age in a conservative or Evangelical Christian setting, then undoubtedly you once sat in youth group while the leader read to you 2 Corinthians 6:14: “Do not be mismatched with unbelievers” (NRSV). Other translations refer to this as being… Read more »

Not quite right

Lessons from Disney World Five things the church could learn from the place “Where Dreams Come True” By Joshua Bower Three weeks ago my family took a vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida. Was it the most magical place on earth? Not exactly. We spent a small fortune on sunscreen (on everything, really), I… Read more »

Living in between

Can we talk? Let’s be inspired by love by Abby King-Kaiser It can take a great deal of bravery to go out—I mean really go out… late night, joyful, surrendering of self to community, surrendering of body to music, surrendering of despair to joy—as a member of the LGBTQ+ community in a society that is still… Read more »