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Barn Boots and Blessings

The Christmas prayer tree A rural church reaches out in an unexpected way by Donna Frischknecht Jackson   Silence fell upon the room. A woman at my table waved to the waitress to order another glass of wine. A good diversion on her part, I thought. Others around me glanced down at the meeting agenda,… Read more »

Reflections from the frontline

When Sunday Ambushes  Christmas Remembering Jesus in the chaos By Roberta Updegraff Christmas Sunday graces a century a dozen times or less, and I have celebrated it eight times in my lifetime, yet rarely with the awe it deserves. Our children were young in 1988 and easily corralled, for they had been awake since long… Read more »

Speak out

Stables, superheroes and stories Narrating life as it goes By Jennifer Frayer-Griggs   My three year old sits in his carseat and incessantly talks all the way to preschool. Everyday. It makes me crazy. It’s too early for this, and he’s distracting me from the NPR newscast. But, he never relents. He’s gotten to the… Read more »

Living in between

Can we do more? Confronting racism early By Abby King-Kaiser I am a campus minister at a predominantly white, Midwestern, Jesuit Catholic university.  In the last month we have been rocked by two very public racial incidents that make our black students feel threatened, unsafe, tokenized and ridiculed (their words, from a Black Student Association… Read more »

Speak out

Child’s question leads to thoughtful Facebook discussion By Robyn Davis Sekula   As we made our 30-minute commute, my 10-year-old daughter Anna asked me a stunner of a question. “Do people believe in God more or less as they get older?” Anna is prone to deep questions. She is my quietest child, usually tucked away… Read more »

Not quite right

Lessons from Disney World Five things the church could learn from the place “Where Dreams Come True” By Joshua Bower Three weeks ago my family took a vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida. Was it the most magical place on earth? Not exactly. We spent a small fortune on sunscreen (on everything, really), I… Read more »

Speak Out

Heroes, Role Models and Saints by Steve Young, guest blogger We Americans love our heroes. In some cases, that designation is well-placed. A soldier giving his life for our country. That one teacher who made all the difference. But, all too often, our choice of heroes seems to be about attaching unrealistic expectations to people… Read more »

TLC: Think Like a Christian

Seeking transformation through the renewal of our minds ‘We’ve always done it that way’An ode to ruling elders and what’s really going on when a church member resists change by Jeffrey A. Schooley As a relatively new pastor, I’ve heard the phrase “We’ve always done it that way” enough times to drown in it. No… Read more »

Recovering Reverend

You can take the pastor out of the church, but you can’t take the Church out of the pastor.   We’re all God’s childrenWhat I feel, as a black father, when I see a South Carolina police officer throw a teenage girl across a room by Derrick L. Weston Ever since my divorce and subsequent… Read more »

justleros = more than just nonsense or disparates

A space for a contemporary woman disciple to give voice to justice concerns in a world where some still think that women’s words are just leros (Greek for “nonsense”) or, in Spanish, disparates   Clinging peopleA resource for Sunday’s liturgy based on Ruth 1:6–14 and Mark 12:28–31 by Magdalena I. García Then [Naomi] started to… Read more »