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Meeting Jesus: Easter Mary Magdalene

Easter Sunday Read John 20:1–18 Jesus is alive! My Lord lives! With mourning I began my day. At dawn, the other women and I trudged out to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body and to say our goodbyes. Yet the stone and his body were gone. We didn’t know who had taken him; neither did his… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: April 15 Joseph of Arimathea

Great Vigil of Easter Read Mark 15:42–47 My Lord, I was complicit in your death. I knew you were the Messiah, but I allowed fear to keep me from openly following you. I listened as my brothers on the Sanhedrin plotted your downfall. I permitted them to purchase your life for 30 silver pieces. I stood… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: April 14 Centurion

Good Friday Read Matthew 27:45–54 When you earn your livelihood overseeing crucifixions, you eventually go numb. It’s a matter of survival. But today’s events terrified even me. I’m used to dealing with slaves and criminals. Flog them, nail them to a crossbeam, and you’ll always get some colorful words out of them. Not this “king of… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: April 13 Malchus

Maundy Thursday Read Luke 22:47–53 I’m following orders, but everything about this is wrong. Roman guards and the high priest’s coterie don’t take orders from commoners. We don’t make arrests without charges. And trials aren’t held in the dead of night. Yet here we stand, hundreds of us interspersed among olive trees, watching Judas kiss his… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: April 12 Judas

Wednesday of Holy Week Read John 12:4-8 I’ve followed that fatherless rabbi for three years. I’ve lost count of my hungry stomachs, blistered feet, and bouts of seasickness. I’ve put up with lepers, prostitutes, cripples, and Samaritans — all in vain hope that this imbecile would deliver Israel. Who was I kidding? Jesus rescuing our nation… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: April 11 Mary

Tuesday of Holy Week Read John 12:1–3 As our master shared our table, a wave of love and devotion crested over me. I knew what I must do. I retrieved the container of perfume our family purchased from Parthian traders years ago; we’d been saving it for a momentous occasion, and I could see none more… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: April 10 Philip

Monday of Holy Week Read John 12:20–26 Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a Greek name. Apparently I must have Greek features, too, because today I got stopped by a group of Greeks. Again. We’re in the Court of the Gentiles, and some God-fearers single me out and ask if they could meet Jesus. I snag… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: April 9 Poor Widow

Passion/Palm Sunday Read Mark 12:41–44 I pick my way through Passover crowds — this time of year, the temple is always packed. Through the cacophony, I convince myself that I can hear the priests’ voices as they’re consecrating sacrifices. Even through the ruin my life has become, I can depend on this place. I married young… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: April 8 Temple Merchant

Saturday of the Fifth Sunday in Lent Read Mark 11:15–18 We’ve conducted business in the Court of the Gentiles for years; it’s convenient for Jewish worshipers who travel long distances. Where else might they exchange profane Roman money or buy clean sacrificial animals? Yes, we charge a markup, but how else shall we make our living?… Read more »

Meeting Jesus: April 7 Citizen of Jerusalem

Friday of the Fifth Sunday in Lent Read Luke 19:28–44 The Messiah is making his way into Jerusalem! For centuries, we’ve been waiting for the one who’ll deliver our people from bondage to the foreign powers who’ve oppressed us. Jesus has established his authority and power. We’ve heard that he’s healed the sick, calmed storms, and… Read more »