Red: A Slam Poem

This poem was originally written and performed as part of PMA’s 2023 Vision Convocation. You can learn more about red-tagging and the experience that inspired Cathy’s poem here

This banner is an act of red-tagging. It shows Cathy’s face with a demand to leave the country.

You want the 411

Here’s the 411


You say that I am red –


You know what’s red


My lips are red

Red is my lipstick

My painted toes are red

My menstrual blood is red


But I am not red


What do you want people to read on my garage?


Read that I am a terrorist

Read that I am a communist

Read that I should get out of the country

Read that I should be condemned


Read this – I am not red


I bleed, I paint, I gloss


I am what I am – and not what you say I am, who I am, or where I should go


I am

Cathy Chang serves as Acting Regional Liaison for Southeast Asia and the Pacific and Regional Facilitator for Migration and Human Trafficking for the PMA.