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Restraint Collapse: A Prayer

Here’s a Prayer for all those who collapse at the end Who are just holding it together Somehow Til the end of the Day And then lose it When they get in the door Or are asked to do a thing Or have to leave their comfort zone/thing/activity Here are for those for whom the… Read more »

100 Percent Authentic Fake

Corky Lee was an ABC, American born Chinese, a photographer and activist, for whom art and activism was one and the same, whose camera’s eyes gave witness to the nuanced and diverse Asian Americans, who said of himself “I’m ABC from NYC … wielding a camera to slay injustices against AAPs.” Corky grew up on the streets of… Read more »

Confessing the Sins of Our Ancestors in Africa

Bob As we seek to be a Matthew 25 community, both locally and globally, we recognize that racism and white supremacy are international projects which have been centuries in the making and which require a “full court press” to nullify and destroy these death-dealing ideologies, disarming these powers and principalities. As Kristi and I have… Read more »

On Fertility Struggles, Mental Health, and Finding the Divine in the Hard Things

Hello Presbyterian Interwebs,  I’m reporting to you live from my toilet, where I sit, hunched over a pregnancy test, attempting to will a positive result into existence via telekinesis.   (It’s not working.)  I’ve been here before. Telekinesis is just the latest failed tactic I have employed in my fertility journey so far.    The journey started… Read more »

An African American Male’s Reflection on the Katie Cannon Womanist Conference

On April 13th -15th in Charlotte, NC, a cadre of Black Presbyterian clergywomen and PCUSA staff gathered—not only to take part in the celebration of and a series of workshops for Black women—but to have a meeting in dialogue about the issues, concerns, and challenges of Black Presbyterian clergywomen. Conference attendees worshipped and attended a… Read more »

“We See Your Color”

The Cultural Effect of the Commission of the Status of Women on Our Black and Brown Young Women The Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) has been happening since 1947. Activists and leaders from around the globe have gathered at the United Nations. With a global perspective, delegates were able to engage with priority… Read more »

Loving Your Neighbor and Mental Health

A few weeks ago, on one of the most beautiful afternoons we’ve had so far this spring, I drove a few miles up the highway to meet a colleague, who is also a dear soul friend. Interstate-81 notwithstanding, it was a gorgeous drive, throughout which I gave thanks for both the beauty of this piece… Read more »

Red: A Slam Poem

This poem was originally written and performed as part of PMA’s 2023 Vision Convocation. You can learn more about red-tagging and the experience that inspired Cathy’s poem here.  You want the 411 Here’s the 411   You say that I am red –   You know what’s red   My lips are red Red is… Read more »

Where Do We Start Our Story?

When the Korean Church of Boston Started Its Story of 70 years With the Stories of Native Americans. When a Korean-American church celebrates its 70th year anniversary by opening with a Native American (Elona Street-Stewart – co-moderator of the 224th General Assembly) telling the story of her people in Turtle Island thousands of year before… Read more »