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Hopeful Church

Is healing at the core of our congregations? by N. Graham Standish As a seminary student I heard a constant refrain from our professors: Jesus came to preach and teach. It was the pretext underlying our whole seminary education as they trained us to preach and teach. It made sense to me. Isn’t that what… Read more »

Gospel and Inclusivity

Becoming an intercultural congregation One church’s story   by Aart van Beek   About eight months ago, I left a congregation after a 23-year ministry. I believe it is significant to underline that the congregation in question was made up of a culturally non-dominant group and even as the church succeeded in becoming multicultural, the… Read more »

Gospel and Inclusivity

Pastoring During Protest A conversation with today’s Presbyterian pastors   Samuel Son, manager of diversity and reconciliation at the Presbyterian Mission Agency, recently held a roundtable discussion with three Presbyterian clergy to discuss the challenges and opportunities of leading a congregation during protests and pandemic.  A Message from Samuel Son Protests have risen across the… Read more »


Scotch pine set off against partly cloudy sky   Listening to the pines Tree wisdom for pandemic life by Ken Rummer From my favorite pew at church — yes, even retired ministers tend to sit in the same place on Sunday — from that special spot I can look up and out through the clear windows around the cross and see the tops… Read more »