Advent Devotional: Third Week of Advent: Friday, December 21


“Passion” by Andrew Weatherly

God eases the hungering

Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. — James 4:8

He has filled the hungry with good things … — Luke 1:53

Empty calories. I am an expert on that subject and, like others who indulge in too many Christmas cookies, I will greet the new year with yet another diet.

Most of the empty calories I consume, though, are not because I love cookies. I reach for them to chase away the sadness I feel this time of year. I think of Christmases past, when there was tension rather than joy in the house because of my brother’s many challenges, and I grab a cookie. I think of Christmases present and feel the sadness when I think of how few visitors my adult brother receives, and I grab a cookie. I grab the sweet treat because that was always the solution to sadness. What I needed, and still need, is the Christ child, the promised Bread of Heaven, for he is the one who will satisfy my deepest hungering. — DFJ

How can this Advent be different if we allow God’s healing love to fill us?

God who feels our pain and cries with us, send us peace this Advent. Amen.