Meeting Jesus: April 3 Young Child

Monday of the Fifth Sunday in Lent

Read Mark 10:13–16

Mama and Papa took me to see a nice man today. They said he’s a famous teacher. He’s smart, and he’s able to make sick people better. I wasn’t sick, but Mama and Papa wanted me to meet him.

When we got there, grown-ups around him tried to push me away. They said this man was too important for little kids to pester. But he looked straight at me and asked his friends to bring me to him. Mama and Papa smiled and told me to go. I was afraid at first, but he had kind eyes. He gave me a big hug and prayed over me. Then he told his friends that God’s kingdom belonged to people like me. Everybody around him was surprised, but I was happy. That powerful man with the kind eyes likes having me around! He thinks I’m important!

Jesus, help me to see and know you with the eyes and heart of a child.

Text by Jodi Craiglow

Video from First United Presbyterian Church of Belleville, IL