Meeting Jesus: April 2 Martha

Fifth Sunday in Lent

Read John 11:1–44

My brother, Lazarus, fell ill, so we sent for Jesus. Lazarus died, and still Jesus didn’t come. Four days later, our dear friend, the rabbi who could have healed him with a single word, finally approached Bethany. I ran out to meet him; I wanted to believe Jesus knew what he was doing, but this was my brother — his friend! I knew I’d see Lazarus again, at the resurrection, but Jesus told me that he’s the resurrection and the life.

Mary fell weeping at Jesus’ feet. We went to the tomb, and God’s anointed one, the “resurrection and the life,” broke down in sobs right alongside us. The stone was rolled away, then Jesus prayed. He called Lazarus by name — and my brother walked out of the tomb, still wearing grave clothes. My awe at what Jesus is capable of doing constantly continues to grow.

Jesus, you hold the power of life and death. Help me to trust in your power and timing.

Text by Jodi Craiglow

Video from First United Presbyterian Church of Belleville, IL