Meeting Jesus: March 27 Man Healed of Blindness

Monday of the Fourth Sunday in Lent

Read John 9 (1–25)

I was born blind, but later discovered I was “invisible.” Since I couldn’t look at others, they’d overlook me. Nobody realized that my emotions and intellect fully functioned, even if my eyes didn’t. Until today.

A stranger healed me; when I washed off the mud he’d smeared on my eyes, it was as if I’d never been blind. But I was the only one who caught the scope of what happened. To the religious leaders, I was still invisible. They assumed I was a different person. They asked one another for explanations. They interrogated my parents. I was standing right there! I’d had enough. I gave them a lesson in their own theology — I couldn’t take their shortsightedness anymore.

Later, my healer came looking for me. He told me the blind will see and the sighted will become blind. You know, I get that.

Jesus, open my eyes to those you’ve placed around me; give me vision to see your Spirit working.

Text by Jodi Craiglow

Video from First United Presbyterian Church of Belleville, IL