Meeting Jesus: March 26 John

Fourth Sunday in Lent

Read Luke 9:28–36

God revealed our master’s glory to Peter, James, and me this evening. Our prayers seemed typical, yet tonight Jesus’ face and clothing suddenly shone like Moses’ did when he came down from Sinai. Indeed, Moses himself — with Elijah — appeared, and spoke with Jesus of his upcoming ordeal in Jerusalem. As they left Jesus, Peter — ever the man of action — offered to construct tabernacles for each of them. The very voice of God spoke through a descending cloud. Jesus’ “Father” could no longer keep his pleasure from overflowing; we were all overcome with the fullness of God’s glory.

The next moment, everything returned to normal. Jesus stood alone, yet we were reeling. He told us not to tell anyone else; I, for one, am still trying to make sense of it. One thing I do know, however: there is more to Jesus than we could hope to comprehend.

Jesus, we are overcome with your glory; help us to understand it more fully.

Text by Jodi Craiglow

Video from First United Presbyterian Church of Belleville, IL