Meeting Jesus: March 25 Peter

Saturday of the Third Week in Lent

Read Matthew 16:13–28 

On the way to Philippi we’re talking (surprising, I know), and Jesus asks us who we think he is. I start thinking about what’s happened since that random guy pulled me off my boat. I had no idea he’d become such a cultural force — or my best friend. I think of the teaching and healing, the discussions and debates, the stilled storms and upended expectations . . . and something clicks in my mind. Sure, we know he’s God’s anointed — but he’s God’s son.

Once the realization hit, everything changed. He’s not just some guy who does God’s work; he’s actually God. In the flesh.

Jesus tells me that God gave me this knowledge, but then he starts talking about all the suffering he’s about to go through. What? He’s God! God doesn’t show weakness! And God certainly doesn’t die! What does Jesus think he’s up to?

Jesus, you are the son of God. We praise you for revealing your strength through suffering.

Text by Jodi Craiglow

Video from First United Presbyterian Church of Belleville, IL