Meeting Jesus: March 22 Thaddaeus

Wednesday of the Third Week in Lent

Read Matthew 10:5–20

We’d been watching Jesus at work for a while. We’d followed in his footsteps as he healed bodies and shared wisdom, worshiped in the temple and verbally sparred with its leaders. But today Jesus told us it was our turn: we’d pair off and scatter throughout the region. Does he really think we’re ready to do the same things he’s been doing?

His directions didn’t really ease our apprehensions, either. He told us not to expect a warm welcome from everyone we encountered; some of us may even have legal scrapes. But then he told us that we had his authority, the ability to act in the same manner he does. We’re harnessing the power of God as we’re acting as Jesus’ name-bearers. I’m starting to realize what we’re doing isn’t about us — it’s about the work that God’s doing through us. And that’s what gives me assurance for this trip.

Jesus, work through me as I act on your behalf.

Text by Jodi Craiglow

Video from First United Presbyterian Church of Belleville, IL