Meeting Jesus: March 18 James

Saturday of the Second Week in Lent

Read Mark 4:35–41

I’ve sailed the Sea of Galilee all my life. My family has made fishing our living for generations. And I’ll tell you, I’ve seen many a boat capsize in squalls that whip across that lake. So when we got caught in that storm tonight, I thought we were done for. Wind ripped the sails, waves cracked the hull, and water poured in from all sides. We were terrified. As we fought to stay afloat, we stumbled upon Jesus — sound asleep in the stern. How could he nod off during a catastrophe like that? We were about to drown, and he was catching a nap.

We woke him, he looked around, and with a word he stopped the storm dead. We fishermen may have been alarmed before, but now we’re terrified. Sure, we’d seen him heal people, but who has that kind of power to stop storms? We’d been oblivious to it the whole time . . . .

Jesus, your power still astounds us. We stand in awe. 

Text by Jodi Craiglow

Video from First United Presbyterian Church of Belleville, IL