Meeting Jesus: March 7 Andrew

Tuesday of the First Week in Lent

Read John 1:35–42

I’ve followed John for a while now. He brings a fresh — if abrupt — message and speaks with authority. We were talking today when, mid-sentence, he pointed to a fellow walking by and called him “the Lamb of God.” Now, we’ve studied the Torah. John could’ve meant only one thing by that phrase: this man stood as the supreme sacrifice, the one who’ll fulfill temple requirements and bring deliverance to our people.

I yearned to know more. I approached this man, and he allowed me to accompany him to the place he was staying. As we talked through the afternoon, John’s words resonated with me. I know that I’ve only just met him, but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m in the presence of God’s anointed one. I have to go tell my brother — Simon needs to meet him!

Jesus, you are the Lamb of God. Walk with us and help us to know you bring deliverance.

Text by Jodi Criaglow/Video by First United Presbyterian Church of Belleville, IL