Meeting Jesus: March 6 John the Baptist

Monday of the First Week in Lent

Read Matthew 3:1–17

God has called me to a bare existence. I live in the wilderness. I eat bugs. I wear the garments of the poor. I baptize people. I’m a visible reminder that we Israelites need to make some drastic changes. God doesn’t call us to comfort, soaking up the spiritual blessings of our forefathers. God calls us to get rid of whatever keeps us from walking in paths of righteousness. I’m clearing the way for God’s deliverer — who happens to be my cousin.

He visited today. I was waist-deep in the Jordan, and he asked me to baptize him. I’ve read Scripture. He is God’s anointed, the Holy One of Israel. I’m not worthy to tie his shoes, but he wanted me to cleanse him.

So, righteousness will be fulfilled through humility. Things are about to change.

Prayer: Jesus, help me follow your humility. Help me to get rid of whatever blocks your path of righteousness in my life.

Text by Jodi Craiglow

Video from First United Presbyterian Church of Belleville, IL