Meeting Jesus: March 4 Anna

Read Luke 2:22–38

Lord, these 84 years you’ve given me have been such a blessing. You gave me parents to care for me, a husband to stand beside me, and a temple where I could find solace after their time had passed. You’ve spoken to and through me, and allowed me to carry your message of justice and righteousness to your people. But today, you’ve blessed me more than I could ever imagine. You’ve allowed me to see your salvation with my own eyes.

Simeon realized what he was seeing, as well. He hobbled his way over to this young couple standing with babe in arms and spoke words of blessing over them. He knows, as I do, that this child—your child—will change the world. Lord, guide and empower his family for the peaks and valleys that lie before them on their journey.

Prayer: Jesus, help me to recognize your salvation—even when it comes in a form I might not expect.

Creation Lab, Chicago

Lenten Symbol: The Fish

The fish was an early, secret symbol for Christians. It was used to mark gatherings of believers and safe spaces. Jesus called fishermen Peter, Andrew, James and John to be his disciples.

Video from First United Presbyterian Church of Belleville, IL