Pilgrim Poems

If not now, when?


Rose NilesWe will
Forget public access television. What about public access church?

by Rose Niles

Now that
big bird
is moving
to premium cable
it falls to us
in the church
as the last bastion
of a place
where poor children can
free of charge
be loved
be taught faith
and love
be treated no different
from any other child

what a privilege to represent the
love of Jesus
every child

we do that, don’t we?

all the poor children
of every race and culture
free of charge
are welcome among our children

we do that, don’t we?

we will,
won’t we,

Baptized, reared, and ordained a ruling elder in the Bronx at the age of fourteen, Rose Niles has served the church as a teaching elder, pastor, and supporter of theological education. Rose is bi-racial, a daughter of immigrant parents, a mother of one phenomenal woman, and a lifelong pilgrim. Amazed, she finds herself in Houston, Texas, serving Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary on this leg of the pilgrim journey. You can read more of her poems here.