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Surprised by Delight

Theological Education and Formation in the Key of Joy


#nosleeptilportland I thought this Twitter #hashtag was a big joke when it first popped up on social media, born from the lovely nerdy delight of people who LOVE General Assembly and LOVE being Presbyterian. #notajoke I actually have been sleeping less and more fitfully this first time around as a PMA (Presbyterian Mission Agency) staff… Read more »

Theological Education as a Herd of Elephants

Each morning I check Facebook for animal videos, because animals are endlessly interesting, and, since I was raised on the Peaceable Kingdom, endlessly evocative. I’ve been intrigued by elephants for a while, (limited) exemplars of Peaceable Kingdom ethics, because they work in groups to solve problems. One video shows a herd crossing a brimming creek,… Read more »

Springsteen, God, and Me

by Charles Wiley  I always hesitate to mention Bruce Springsteen and the Lord of the Rings in anything I write.  I love Springsteen’s music and have listened to almost everything he has recorded, and I’ve read Lord of the Rings at least a couple of times. And in relation to the general populace, that makes… Read more »

Dogs 1

“Old English docga, a late, rare word, used in at least one Middle English source in reference to a powerful breed of canine.” This is the etymology of “dog,” from   AJ and Xena might not look like a powerful breed of canine.  In fact, they take up about four square feet of space altogether,… Read more »

How ’bout those Cubs?

My hotel window in Chicago at the recent COTE meeting (the Committee on Theological Education) gave me a view of Soldier Field, so I was able to watch constant replays of a really cool defensive play that brought a win to the Cubs over the Cardinals. And now they’ve clinched a wild card spot. Chicago… Read more »

On the Rocks

I have known times in my life when I felt a bit dried up inside, like there was no water in the well. Not exactly on autopilot, not numb. Maybe it’s more that the internal fountain of purpose, motivation, and joy is stopped up. Do you ever have times like that?  When I finally notice… Read more »

I Am Racist

It has been a journey to this confession. Like most white people and other white Christians, I do not want to think that I have unfair advantages in life just because I’m white. Nor do I want to think that I have contributed to the damage and system of racism in our congregations and our… Read more »

Most These Amazing Words

I have my phone out at meetings a lot to look up words. Lovely, weird, evocative, expressive words. When we revel in words, soak them in, and listen with care, the more we feel our way into the deep truth, beauty, and goodness of life, of our Christian lives. In Caring for Words in a… Read more »

Tag-You’re It!

“San Francisco Theological Seminary: The Best in the West.” This is the tagline brought back by a marketing company to the good folks at San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS), who said, “Ummm, thanks, but no.” It’s the sort of tagline that makes it sound like a football team can’t be far behind, but seminaries are… Read more »

In Their Own Words: COTE member Vilmarie Cintrón-Olivieri

Can you share a couple of things about where you live and what you do that you find to be joyful and fun? I live in the City of Miami, Florida, specifically in West Little Havana: a diverse, multicultural community where Latin music reigns and Spanish is the preferred language. Teaching and mentoring are my life. I… Read more »